New Recreational Marijuana In Massachusetts Dispensaries

Following the legalization of marijuana and adult-use sales in Massachusetts, many recreational pot stores have opened for business. The Cannabis Control Commission has approved many Massachusetts Dispensaries across the state, and therefore consumers will no longer have to travel for long distances or wait for many hours to make a purchase.

Here is a list of recreational marijuana Massachusetts Dispensaries open for business in Massachusetts:

New England Treatment Access (NETA)

This is one of the pioneer pot stores located in 118 Conz St, Northampton.  NETA Massachusetts Dispensaries offers a wide variety of premium products and exceptional service. Some of their products include vapes, concentrates, vaporizers, and edibles. Their prices vary depending on the type of product. For instance, 1 gram of flower goes for $15 and 1 oz. for $300. The NETA dispensary accepts cash, credit cards and debit cards.

Alternative Therapies Group (ATG)

Located in 50 Grove St. Salem, ATG offers several types of strains of cannabis including: Catatonic, Captain’s Cake, Star Pupil, and White Widow. The price of these strains range from $47 for 3.5 g to $350 for a full ounce. The store also offer a range of extracts, concentrates and oils starting from $60 to $100. They are on and off with availability to recreational customers, but offer premium products.

Temescal Wellness (Pittsfield)

Temescal Wellness Massachusetts Dispensaries is a reputable pot store which offers both beginner strains and classic strains. They offer pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, flower and many other products. One of their more interesting products is the Lemon or Orange Drink Mix THC by Drench ($5-5mg). They have store products starting from $1 to $85.

Northeast Alternatives

This pot store which located in Fall River started selling recreational in January 2019. The store offers a wide variety of cannabis products including edibles, flower, concentrates, topicals and oils. This store offers classic strains like Blue Dream. The price of their products ranges from $1 to $340, offering a great variety for however much you want to spend.


Verilife opened doors to recreational cannabis sales in December, 2018.  From their premium recreational marijuana products to exceptional one-on-one customer care, Verilife are committed to serve their customers to satisfaction. Some of the items found at the store include; Pineapple Express, Lime Skunk, G6, Cherry Wu and Green Line OG. The list for this store is seemingly endless.


Insa Easthampton opened their doors to adult recreational in December, 2018. Some of the products available at Ensa are concentrates, edibles, topical, flower, pre-rolls, ground flower, vaporizer, and accessories.  The prices of recreational cannabis products range from $5 to $380.

Berkshire Roots

Having received a license to sell and grow adult-use cannabis in February, 2019, Berkshire Roots is an ultra modern, comfortable and secure pot store you’ll ever find in Massachusetts. They offer a wide range of product forms from flower to tinctures, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. You can find products that go for $25 and below as well as those that go for $200 and above.

Theory Wellness

This recreational pot shop operates in Great Barrington.  The premium dispensary offers pre-rolls, extracts, flower, infusions, and accessories. In this store, you can find products like citrus Sap, Orange Wifi, Purple Durango OG, Purple Chewdawg, and The Evelyn for as little as $18.

Patriot Care (Boston)

This is another well known recreational marijuana dispensary located in Boston. Here you’ll get Massachusetts’s finest cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates and all strain types. Talk of Purple Punch, Alien OG CBD, Sherb Face, Star Cookie, they’ve got it all.  You can get your favorite cannabis strain with as little as $25.

Apothca (Arlington)

Located in a very convenient location, Apothca has the most potent strains you can ever find in Arlingtom, MA.  Some of the products offered in this cannabis dispensary include; Mendo Breath, Grateful Breath , Power Kush, Original Glue, Mother of Berries and a lot more.  From as low as $50, you can find premium and excellent selection of pre-rolls, edibles, flower and topicals in Apothca.  Moreover, the store has courteous and friendly staff.

Sira Naturals

Sira Naturals provides the Massachusetts community with premium recreational cannabis. On their product menu, you’ll find Durban Poison, Chuck OG, 2-Pack Caramel Espresso, Purient Bedroom Cannabis, and Citrus SAP. The prices of the products are very pocket friendly too.

Thank you for reading our list of top new stores. These are some of the most premier recreational cannabis stores in Massachusetts where you’ll find the finest cannabis strains, concentrates and edibles. Take a trip out to one of these stores today!

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