Weed Gummy Bears Cannabis Recipe

Here we have a great recipe for homemade Cannabis Gummy Bears! If Cannabis is still not legal for you recreationally, you may have never tried Weed Gummies! These Weed Gummy Bears are far danker than your store bought bears. Make your own Gummy Bears today with this easy […]

Chronic Pain Treated By Marijuana

Medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional chronic pain medications for pain-killers including opioids. This is because marijuana is known to relieve people from certain types of chronic pain and this may include pain that results from inflammation and nerve damage. Chronic pain affects […]

Use of Marijuana to Improve Athletic Performance

It is widely known that ingesting or smoking marijuana reduces reaction time, divides attention, and disrupts hand-eye perception and coordination and these effects of marijuana can last more than 30 hours after usage. “According to a double-blind flight simulation study on licensed pilots “flying” through pre-specified holding patterns […]

Is CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) Legal Where You Live?

CBD Oil Growing Attention You may have noticed the significant growing attention to the benefits of CBD oil. There has been tons of research done lately throughout a variety of medical fields. Researchers have studied health problems such as epilepsy, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cancer, and many others.  To […]