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Ancient Wooden Pots from China Contain Cannabis Residue

A brazier and charred stones, thought to be part of burial ceremonies, preserve signs that people used the drug thousands of years ago. Achemical analysis of ancient pots found in China shows they contain cannabis residue, scientists report in a study published in Science Advancestoday (June 12). The wooden […]

Is CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) Legal Where You Live?

CBD Oil Growing Attention You may have noticed the significant growing attention to the benefits of CBD oil. There has been tons of research done lately throughout a variety of medical fields. Researchers have studied health problems such as epilepsy, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cancer, and many others.  To […]

CBD Oil, does it work?

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Oil) is becoming widely known for the vast array of potential benefits it can provide its consumers/patients. Many individuals are leaning away from pharmaceutical drug practices and are leaning toward the natural alternative which seems to be providing highly effective and much more promising results. […]